The Blackwell owned land has a number of positive attributes for solar projects, such as:
  • Excellent Solar Insolation - Our PSM Direct Normal Irradiance approximates to 7.0-7.5kWh/sq.m/day. This represents the approximate annual amount of sunshine that reaches the ground.
    • Click here to view the NSRDB Data map that shows this approximation with our property bordered on the west by Keck’s Corner stretching seven miles eastward both north and south of highway 46.
  • Ideal Topography - Our land’s slope is predominantly 0-2.5%, which is within the preferred 5% slope ideal for solar. However, a slope slightly above 5% can work if facing in a southerly direction.
  • Ease of Construction - Our land being a rather remote site, there are few obstacles to construction. Most of the utilities on the property run within the Highway 46 right-of-way. Also, the few buildings are centralized and water turnouts are small and relocatable.
  • Privately Owned Land - 8,000 mostly contiguous acres of privately owned land makes for an easier transaction. The large tracts of land can be used for a project site as well as any Mitigation requirements.
  • Solar-Friendly County - Kern County supports the development of all energy (including solar) and has worked to make the permitting process thorough, but streamlined to cut down on project timelines.
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